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Tips and tricks to lower your cost

  • For screen printing, reducing the number of colors within your logo significantly affects the price per item; whereas, for embroidery, reducing the stitched area (lowering stitch count) impacts cost.
  • Always remember you have the option of talking to one of our account executives if you don’t see what you are looking for, we have plenty more options to choose from.
  • As QTY increases, the price decreases because certain fixed costs are split across more items.
  • Pick the brand that matches your budget.

This is Why

  1. Questions? Email, text or call us; we enjoying resolving any issues!
  2. No hidden fees; all fees are explained and each quote is laid out. WE are here to help you save!
  3. Our experts give you the best quality for the cheapest price.
  4. You will always have mock-ups to approve for exact color(s), artwork, and placement of the logo(s)
  5. Approximate date of delivery in-hand at check out, follow up email with the progress of your items.
  6. Expert services with utmost satisfaction, or we make it up to you!

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